Are Gaming Earbuds Better Than Headsets?

In most video games, you must hear all the sounds so you can react appropriately. The slightest sound such as the footsteps of opponents can determine who wins or lose a game.

Earbuds are generally preferred because they offer a better listening experience than headsets. Their comfort, easy-to-use features, and vastness give them that untold advantage over headsets. So, for gaming activities and beyond, earbuds are exceptional.

As a casual gamer, comfort is something high on your priority list. You want to hear everything but you also want to consider your budget. As a competitive gamer, however, the difference between winning and losing can be down to your audio device.

So, let’s explore these devices more. Let’s which should be a favourite pick and why.

Are Gaming Earbuds Better Than Headsets?

Earbuds with great sound quality are usually preferred for gaming by regular and pro gamers. They are designed to be as close to your eardrums as possible. They also do have the shortest delay in transmission of sound.

With earbuds, all the external noise is blocked out. So, they allow for a more immersive gaming experience than headsets.

So, what other features stand the earbuds apart. Are they all great or do they have their issues too? Sit back, relax and let’s explore the differences between these devices together.

i. Sound Quality

One of the most important factors to consider in your gaming experience is the sound quality. As we have said, sound quality can determine whether you come out tops or not. Poor sound quality is almost noticeable anywhere.

The sound quality with earbuds is always optimal. Earbuds deliver exceptional sound quality. Their design means that they can block out any external noise. This feature is quite crucial for any gaming experience. A decent pair of earbuds give that edge in sound quality. It also offers a high-quality mic.

To get such features with the headsets, then you will be looking to shoot beyond your budget. The exceptional qualities of the earbuds offer a great experience than the headsets. Earbuds can make all the difference.

ii. Comfort

This is one aspect where the earbuds fall short. They can become uncomfortable in the long run. They are not comfortable when your gaming sessions are for long hours. They could start feeling heavy and cause an itch around your ears.

So, for long periods of gaming, a headset offers better comfort cushioning. The earpads of headsets usually feature foam. This foam around your ears helps to relieve pressure. They also come with padding on the band connector. So, they are generally designed to offer that bit of comfort for your ears.

iii. Portability

Earbuds are the favourite pick when it comes to the portability of the audio device. Depending on your personality, portability can be a big deal. So, you might want to consider how lightweight the audio device is. If you want to carry them around, then, the device has to be small. You also do not want something too weighty.

You can use both devices on the go. The issue with the headsets will be their weight. They can become burdensome to carry around. This is due to their weight and nature. On the other hand, the earbuds excel well here.

The earbuds were designed with portability as good consideration. They are extremely light and discreet. They take up lesser space than the headsets.

iv. Noise Cancellation

This feature measures how well your device can block external noise. The better the noise cancellation you have, the better the gaming experience can be. Imagine being in a middle of a gaming fight and a little screech in the environment distracts you. This can affect you from knowing that the enemy is close-by. Of course, you will most likely lose the game.

As a pro-gamer, your concentration is a priced asset. So, you want to consider an audio device that excels well in this regard. For gamers, earbuds work well for mobile gaming.

So, say you are used to gaming on your mobile device, then the earbuds will come in handy. However, for PC gaming, the headsets seem to have an edge here.

The earbuds merge noise cancellation and affordability. To get a headset that makes for good noise cancellation features, you have to spend a lot. The earbuds give you the best of both worlds.

v. Safety

Being exposed to great audio quality can come as a plus in gaming experiences. However, they can prove hazardous for your ears. Exposing yourself to high audio volumes can damage your ears.

Both devices are safe although that depends on how you use them. So, technically, you can work within safe considerations for both devices. However, the earbuds come with drawdowns in this regard. The nature of their design makes them slightly unsafe. So, the risk of our ears being damaged is her with them.

Earbuds transmit audio experiences directly into your ears. As much as this is great for gaming, it can become injurious.

vi. Price

The price of both devices generally varies. They have models on either side of the spectrum. It boils down to the model and manufacturer of the device you are settling for. So, you can find both the cheap and the costly versions of these devices.

However, to get great gaming functionality features with the headsets, you have to spend big. The budget for the earbuds in this regard is considerably lower. The size and number of materials used in making the device will come to mind here. The earbuds are smaller in size. So, they can offer you good quality at affordable prices.

Why Do Pro Gamers Wear Earbuds and Headphones?

Gamers often wear headphones and earbuds to reduce noise. This could be a result of distractions in the gaming room. In competitive gaming, you need 100% of your focus to perform at exceptional levels. As such, every disrupting sound has to be properly catered for.

So, Pro Gamers often wear headphones and headsets to give them a good level of focus. They allow you to divert all your attention to the game so you can come out tops. They also allow for great communication with your teammates while gaming.

Are Earbuds Good for Gaming?

Earbuds with high sound quality are the favourite pick of most Pro Gamers. They are quite close to your eardrums. So, they ensure that no stone is unturned in transmitting sound. They deliver to you exceptional gaming experiences.

Your auditory canal is completely sealed up with these gadgets. Thus, they minimize outside noise as much as possible. This is necessary to keep your concentration while gaming. For great immersive gaming experiences, you can certainly bank on earbuds.


Different considerations come into play in deciding whether the earbuds or headsets are great for gaming. Our pick however is the earbuds. Their many advantages outweigh that of the headsets.

So, as a Pro Gamer, you can trust your earbuds.