4 Causes of Apex Legends Engine Error and Solutions

Apex legends

While apex legend engine error might not be an issue that comes up too frequently, it is still one problem that can be pretty frustrating whenever it comes up. This is because Apex legend is one game that is adventurous as you wouldn’t want anything interrupting the flow of the game.

Apex legend engine error simply means there is a problem somewhere that is affecting the ability of the game to run smoothly; sometimes, the game might not even run at all. This is because of several reasons. Allow me to walk you through the reasons and possible solutions to the apex legend engine error problem.

What Causes Apex Legends Engine Error?

There are a couple of things that can cause the Apex Legend engine error you see on your PC whenever you try to play the game. Below is a list of the things that could be responsible for the engine error problem you are having.

1. Overclocking

This is the first and most common reason why you might be having an engine error problem whenever you try to play Apex Legends. You might wonder why. Well, a lot of people who reported or complained about this engine error problem reported that it started happening after they overclocked their PC.

Overclocking your PC is nice. It will help boost the performance of your system, however, you should know that if the overclocking isn’t done properly, you might ruin your PC or the ability for your PC to play high-performance games. If you have an engine error in this game, it is likely because you overclocked your PC.

2. Outdated or Corrupted Graphics Card

This is another reason why Apex Legend crashes or stops abruptly with an engine error the moment you try to play the game. If you are using an outdated graphics card, there is a pretty good chance it will not be able to function with the game leading to the game crashing almost immediately.

It isn’t just an outdated graphics card that can lead to an engine error, you will also likely have an engine error whenever your graphics card is corrupted. Graphic cards can get corrupted and when they do, it will affect the ability of the game to run smoothly on your PC. 

3. The Anti-virus You Use

Using an antivirus is a pretty good thing as it will help to protect your PC from a lot of things such as viruses, hacking, and a lot more. However, sometimes, an antivirus can also affect the ability of your PC to run smoothly when trying to play some games.

If you are trying to play a game such as Apex Legends, you might have a little problem launching the game as long as the antivirus on your PC is running. You should know it isn’t all antivirus that messes with the game. However, most of them do, thereby causing an engine error and a lot more.

4. External Storage

A lot of people try to install their games on external storage as they are trying to create more space on their PC. this method might work with some games while it might not work with other games. It largely depends on the game configuration and game files

If you install a game such as Apex Legends on external storage and you try to run the game on your PC with the external storage, there is a pretty good chance the game will not work. This is because Apex Legends is meant to be installed on your PC. installing and running the game through external storage could be one of the reasons you are getting an engine error.

How Do I Fix Apex Legend Engine Error?

There are different things you can do to fix Apex Legend Engine Error on your PC, however, the method to use largely depends on the cause of the engine error you are having. Below is a list of things you can do to fix this problem.

Methods 1: Remove the Overclocking Profile

This is the first thing you should do the moment you know that you are having this problem because of the overclocking you did to your PC. you will have to remove the overclocking profile if you want the engine error to stop whenever you want to play the game.

There is an alternative if you do not want to remove the overclocking profile. Instead of overclocking your PC to any random frequency, you can simply overclock it to the frequency and performance requirement of the game. This way, the engine error problem should stop.

Method 2: Update your Graphics Card

This is another thing you can do if you notice that you are getting an engine error problem even though you didn’t overclock your PC. you will need to check your graphics card to know if they are up to date. 

If they are not up to date, you can check the manufacturer of the graphics card and simply go to their website to check for updates. Download the updated one on their website and the engine error problem should stop. 

Method 3: Disable Antivirus

This is another thing that could help stop your engine error problem whenever you want to play Apex Legends on your PC. you should check if your antivirus is turned on whenever you notice the engine error problem on your PC.

If it is turned on, the antivirus may be messing with some of the game files that are needed for the game to run successfully. You will have to take your time to turn off the antivirus. Once you do this, your game should start running on your PC smoothly.

Method 4: Change Storage Location

As stated earlier, if apex legend root storage is in external storage whenever you want to play the game, it will be impossible for you to run the game on your PC, you will have to change the root storage of the game if you want the game to run successfully without an engine error problem.

400;”>Changing the storage is pretty easy. All you need to do most time is to move the entire game from your external storage to your hard disk. Remember to also move the game files along as they will be needed for the game to run successfully. Once you do this, the engine error problem should stop.

Why Can’t I Launch Apex Legend?

There are a couple of reasons why you are finding it difficult to launch apex legend on your PC after you have successfully installed it. The most common reason is the problem of installation. 

People often do a lot of mistakes whenever they are trying to install this game on their device. When these mistakes are done, it will mess up the administrator’s ability to run the game smoothly on your device. This is why you are finding it impossible for you to launch the game on your PC. you will have to check the installation problem if you are trying to fix the launching problem.


There are a couple of reasons why you are getting an engine error whenever you try to play the game on your PC. From a corrupted graphics card to an antivirus, all the reasons that could affect the smooth running of the game have been discussed above.

There are also good solutions to the engine error problem such as disabling your antivirus or overclocking and a lot more which have been discussed above. All you have to do is read through the article if you will like to understand everything about apex legend engine error.

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